MPPT Solar Charge Controller 30A 12/24V MC-Series

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These Solar Charge Controllers, also known as Solar Regulators, are programmed with a Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm that allows the controller to track the maximum power output of a Solar panel or Solar Array at any given time, along with the built in DC-DC Power Converter that steps down the voltage from the solar/PV input to match the battery voltage, while converting the excess voltage into current. The DC-DC conversion can be up to 98% efficient at converting the PV/Solar Energy into energy that is used for charging the battery or providing power. This raises the charging efficiency by up to 40% when compared with the conventional PWM method.

Our MPPT Charge controllers are compatible with different battery types, which include GEL Lead-Acid, AGM Lead-Acid , Open Lead-Acid, Lithium-ion, and Lithium Iron Phosphate, among others. There are pre-set charging parameters for the different battery types. The charging parameters can also be adjusted/customised by the user using the Remote Meter or Bluetooth Module.


System Voltage: 12/24V Auto Sensing
Maximum Solar/PV Input Voltage: 92 Volts
Max Solar/PV Input Power for 12V Battery Bank: 400 Watts
Max Solar/PV Input Power for 24V Battery Bank: 800 Watts
Rated Charge current: 30Amps
Self-consumed power: <10mA
Operating Temperature: -35 - +45 Degrees celsius
Protection Degree: IP32
Communication Method: RS232
Size: 150mm x 106mm x 67.5mm
Weight: 890g
Warranty: 3 Years

Optional Extras for the MC-Series Controller:
BT-2 Bluetooth Module $29.95
RM-6 Remote Display $29.95
Battery Temp Sensor $14.95