Solar Cable 25mm2 Red Double Insulated

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Our 25mm2 Red Solar Cable is double-insulated and uses tinned copper. The corrosion resistance of tinned copper compared to bare copper also makes this Solar cable suitable for marine environments.
The outside layer of the solar cable insulation is UV treated to help protect against UV degradation.

It is important to make sure that the correct electrical cable is used for a DC set up to minimize the chance of a DC Arc Fault. The three main causes for an Arc fault is poor cable insulation, loose connections, and corrosion.

Doing a voltage drop calculation will help to determine the correct electrical cable size required. This calculation will tell you how much energy will be lost through the electrical cable based on the thickness (cross section) and the length of the cable run. It is important to keep the voltage drop as low as possible to minimize losses.
Solar cable is sold per metre.