Solar Charge Controller 30A PWM 12/24V

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This Solar Charge Controller has many built in features to prevent short circuit, over-load. With the built in 3-stage PWM charging algorithm the Solar Charge Controller will protect your batteries from over charging and will ensure the charging is optimized for a longer battery life.

Charging program options for sealed, GEL and flooded lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries are available on the controller, the charging parameters have been preset for the different battery types. When using Lithium batteries please ensure that there is a power management system in place.
Simple to use and easy to install.

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) is not as efficient as a MPPT Charge Controller because a PWM controller will only adjust the voltage from the panel to match the battery voltage while keeping the amps from the panel the same. A MPPT controller will convert the total power of the panel (voltage and amps) to charge the battery.

Example : MPPT vs PWM for a 12V system using a 100W solar panel 18Volts x 5.55Amps
PWM: 12V x 5.55Amps = 66.6W - Voltage decreased from solar panel and Amps remain the same
MPPT: 12V x 8.33Amps = 100W - Voltage decreased from solar panel and Amps increased


Max Solar Voltage: 55V
Max Solar Input Power: 390W(12V) 780(24V)
Charge current: Max 30A
Discharge Current: Max 30A
Battery Voltage: 12/24V Automatic Recognition
USB output: 5V/2A
Self consumed power: <10mA
Operating Temperature: -35 - +60 Degrees celsius
Size: 164mm x 103mm x 47mm
Weight: 390g
Warranty: 1Year