Solar Panel Flexible 175W ETFE 36V

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The ETFE surface give these panels higher corrosion resistance and strength over a higher temperature range which makes them ideal for marine applications. Our solar panels are very durable and have been manufactured with extra cells to give optimum low light performance along with a higher working voltage that makes the panels suitable for a 12V or 24V system when using a MPPT controller.

Will work with a 12V or 24V Battery Bank when connected through a MPPT solar charge controller, to get maximum yield of energy from the solar panel to charge the battery it is recommended to use a MPPT Charge controller that has a built in DC-DC converter. For a 48V battery bank the panels would need to be connected in series to increase the solar voltage.

These solar panels can easily be mounted onto a curved surface.

Specifications for 175W ETFE Solar Panel:

Cells: Day4 Mono-crystalline
Max Power : 175W
Max Power Voltage: 36V
Max Power Current: 4.88A
Open Circuit Voltage: 43.2V
Short Circuit Current: 5.34A
Module Efficiency: 19%-23%
Number of Cells : 72
Max Power tolerance: +/- 3%

Size : 670mm x 1490mm x 3mm
Weight 3.8kgs

These Solar Panels are manufactured with UV Resistant materials for a long life and are backed with a 2 year warranty
ETFE Surface (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene)
Cables attached (900mm) to the Solar panel are double shielded with a UV resistant layer. Each panel has MC4 30A waterproof connectors attached to allow for easy install and simple additions to suit power requirements.

After connecting the solar panel through a solar charge controller (PWM or MPPT), the solar panel is ideal for charging batteries and in turn can also be used for powering/charging appliances, devices, laptops, iPad, lights, etc.