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12V 25A Battery Charger

12V 25A Battery Charger

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This 12V 25A AC battery charger is compatible with any battery type - Li/SLD/FLD/GEL
The built-in Bluetooth allows for charging parameters to be adjusted using the SRNE App

Ability to cold start Lithium battery if BMS has been locked out to prevent over-discharging


System Voltage: 12
Charging Current: 25A
Charging Method: 6-Stage Charging
Stand-by Power Consumption: <5W
Battery Voltage: 9-17V
Input Voltage: 180-264VAC/45-65Hz
Operating Temperature: -35 - 65 degrees Celsius
Water Resistance: IP65
Altitude: <2000m
Size: 255mm x 124mm x 55mm
Mounting dimensions: 237mm x 111mm
Weight: 1.7kgs
Warranty: 3 Years

SAA Approved

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