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Dual MPPT Solar Charge Controller 120A 48V

Dual MPPT Solar Charge Controller 120A 48V

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These Solar Charge Controllers, also known as Solar Regulators, are programmed with a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm that allows the controller to track the maximum power output of a Solar panel or Solar Array at any given time within 99.5% accuracy.

The 120A solar charge controller has 2 MPPT trackers to allow two solar arrays to operate independently of each other

Achieving up to 97.5% solar conversion efficiency with the use of a DC-DC buck-boost converter.

Option Wifi module available for remote monitoring using the PVButler or Shinesolar App by Growatt

Our MPPT Charge controllers are compatible with different battery types, which include GEL Lead-Acid, AGM Lead-Acid , Open Lead-Acid, Lithium-ion, and Lithium Iron Phosphate, among others. There are pre-set charging parameters for the different battery types. The charging parameters can also be adjusted/customised.
Can communicate directly with the BMS on Fazcorp Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries.


System Voltage DC: 48V
Maximum Open Circuit Voltage (VOC): 150 Volts
Maximum Solar/PV Input Voltage (VMP): 145 Volts
Max Solar/PV conversion: 7000 Watts
Rated Charge current: 120Amps
Self-consumed power: 5W
Operating Temperature: -20 - +55 Degrees celsius
Operating Humidity: 0-100% Non-condensing
Protection Degree: IP20
Cooling: Fan Cooled
Size: 320mm x 120mm x 105mm
Weight: 4.2kg
Warranty: 2 Years

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