Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 12V100Ah LiFeP04

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Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries are the safest option in the Lithium battery family. These batteries are designed to have a cycle life of over 8000 with a 30% depth of discharge, effectively quadrupling the lifespan compared to Lead-Acid batteries. The Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries can also handle a 100% Depth Of Discharge.

The high capacity and stability of the Lithium Iron Phosphate battery makes it ideal for using as a back-up power supply and is a good choice for storing solar energy. These batteries can be up to 98% efficient at storing energy as there is no conversion process like Lead-Acid batteries that have an efficiency between 70%-80%.
The in-built Battery Management System allows for very safe management and control for over charging, over discharging, and temperature protection. The temperature of each cell module and the voltage is monitored individually by the BMS.

Specifications :

Voltage : 12V
Capacity : 100Ah
Standard Charge Current : 50A
Max. Charge Current : 100A
Standard Discharge Current : 50A
Max Continuous Discharge Current : 100A
Working Temperature (Charge) : 0-45 Degrees Celcius
Working Temperature (Discharge) : -20 - 55 Degrees Celcius
Dimensions : 170mmW x 330mmL x 230mmH
Weight : 14 Kgs
Warranty : 5 Years