Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 48V100Ah LiFePO4

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Our GEN-3 LFP battery uses the latest EVE A-Grade prismatic cells for maximum cycle life, making this battery ideal for aback-up power supply and an excellent choice for storing solar energy.

The BMS software is compatible with most inverter and charge controller brands. Over the past nine years, our battery software has been refined to seamlessly communicate directly with Fazcorp and Growatt inverters along with added critical features missing from other LFP battery brands.



Adaptive calibration

ON/OFF switch 

Dual Terminals

Over 6000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge daily

Auto-top balancing with each full charge

Built-in BMS for added protection and cell longevity

Compatible with two-wire auto start on generator

Rack mountable and stackable for increasing capacity

Folding handles


The high cell efficiency of up to 99% results in minimal energy loss during charging and discharging cycles. This speeds up charging times and extends discharging times compared to less efficient battery types. 


The use of EVE A-grade prismatic cells results in 80% overall capacity retention after:

6000 cycles at 80% daily depth of discharge (@ 25 degrees Celsius)

Designed service life 15+ years.


The display allows you to monitor the temperature, state of charge, remaining capacity, and cycle count. 




Charging Voltage: 52.0V 


BMS Protocol: Pylon V3.5

Cell Type: 105Ah EVE A-Grade Prismatic Cells

Voltage: 48V

Total Energy Storage: 5.2kW/h

Usable Energy: 4.8kW/h

Nominal Capacity: 100Ah

Standard Charge Current: 50A

Standard Discharge Current: 50A

Peak Discharge Current: 100A

Cycle Life Durability: 4000 -12000 cycles

Temperature (Charge): 0-55 Degrees Celsius

Temperature (Discharge): -20 - +55 Degrees Celsius

Dimensions: 482mm W x 540mm L x 180mm H

Gross Weight: 54 Kg

Warranty: 5 Years Storage, 3 Years Marine & Motive