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MPPT Solar Charge Controller 85A 12V/24V/48V MC-Series

MPPT Solar Charge Controller 85A 12V/24V/48V MC-Series

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MPPT solar charge controllers are programmed with a Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm that allows the solar charge controller to track/calculate the maximum power output of a solar panel or solar array at any given time to a 99% rate of accuracy.

Genuine MPPT solar charge controller with built in Buck-Boost converter to get up to 98% conversion efficiency from solar
Suitable for use with any battery type with customisable charging settings
Ability to wake up/cold start Lithium batteries
Natural cooling for quiet operation
Built-in Bluetooth to connect with the Solar App for monitoring or changing settings
The latest Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm with a 99% rate of accuracy
Stand-by power 45mA
Built in LCD display
Programmable Relay
Wifi Compatible(Optional Extra)


System Voltage DC: 12V/24V/48V Auto Sensing
Maximum Open Circuit Voltage (VOC): 250 Volts
Maximum Voltage Range at Power Point (VMP): 180 Volts
Maximum PV Short Circuit Current: 70A
Solar Input Power:
12V Battery Bank: 1100 Watts
24V Battery Bank: 2200 Watts
48V Battery Bank: 4400 Watts
Rated Charge current: 85Amps
Self-consumed power: <10mA
Operating Temperature: -35 - +45 Degrees celsius
Protection Degree: IP32
Communication Method: RS232
Size: 314mm x 227mm x 121mm
Maximum Cable Size: 35mm2
Weight: 5.7kgs
Warranty: 5 Years

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