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Remote Meter MPPT Controller ML-Series

Remote Meter MPPT Controller ML-Series

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This Remote Meter is designed to work with our MPPT Solar Charge Controllers, the Remote Meter allows you to have control of and monitor your Charge Controller from a more convenient or desired location.
Bluetooth Version of the Remote Meter is available, there is an App available from the "App Store" or "Google Play Store" so you can also monitor your Charge Controller from your phone.

There is a backlit LCD screen to make it easier to read in darker areas.
Unit is Supplied with a 2m(RJ12) data cable that plugs into the Charge Controller and Remote Meter, once the Remote Meter and Charge Controller are connected the Remote Meter will automatically start working.

Product Specifications:

Size: 118.5mm x 118.5mm x 48mm
LCD Screen Size : 128mm x 64mm
Self Consuming power : less than 0.5W
Opertaing Temperature: -35C - +65C
Weight: 0.5kgs
Warranty : 1 Year

Keyowrds: Solar, Charge Controller, MPPT, Remote Meter

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