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Remote Meter MPPT Controller MC-Series

Remote Meter MPPT Controller MC-Series

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This Remote Meter is designed to work with our MC-Series MPPT Solar Charge Controllers, the Remote Meter allows you to have control of and monitor your Charge Controller from a more convenient or desired location.

Unit is Supplied with a 1.5m data cable that plugs into the Charge Controller and Remote Meter, once the Remote Meter and Charge Controller are connected the Remote Meter will automatically start working.

Product Specifications:

Size: 105mm x 52mm x 12mm
LCD Screen Size : 60mm x 32mm
Standby power : 0.03W
Opertaing Power : 0.04W
IP Rating : IP32
Opertaing Temperature: -35C - +65C
Weight: 90g
Warranty : 1 Year

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