Solar Cable 10mm2 Twin Core Double Insulated

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This 10mm2 Twin Core Solar Cable is available by the metre and is suitable for use for DC or solar applications in compliance with AS/NZS5033.
The use of tinned copper results in less degradation overtime in comparison with bare copper, which also makes this solar cable suitable for marine environments.
The XLPE(Cross-Linked Polyethylene) solar cable insulation is UV resistant, flame retardant and halogen free.

A voltage drop calculation of 3% or less is required when calculating maximum cable run for solar.

Solar Cable Characteristics:

Conductor Material: Tinned Copper
Insulation Material: XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)
Application Class: A
Protection Class: Class 2
Minimum Bending Radius: 5 x Cable Diameter
Rated Voltage AC: 1000V
Rated Voltage DC: 1500V
Temperature Range: -40 - +90 degrees Celsius

TUV 2 PfG 1169 - AS/NZS5033
EN 60811-1-1 : Tensile strength and elongation
EN 60811-1-4 : Cold bending
EN60216-2 : Thermal endurance properties
50525-1 Annex B : Halogen free
EN 50396 : Ozone resistance
HD 605/A1 : UV resistance
IEC 60332-1-2 : Flame characteristics