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Solar Charge Controller DC-DC MPPT 30A 12/24/36/48V MD-Series

Solar Charge Controller DC-DC MPPT 30A 12/24/36/48V MD-Series

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This genuine 30A MPPT Solar Charge controller has dual DC-DC conversion ability to charge back up battery from alternator in vehicle/vessel as well as charging the back up battery by solar simultaneously. Using the latest buck boost DC-DC converter to have a conversion efficiency up to 98%.

The charging working modes divides into Solar charges backup battery, generator charges backup battery, Solar and generator charge backup battery and Solar charges starter battery.

The following battery types can be used as back up battery; Sealed battery, gel battery, vented battery, lithium Iron Phosphate battery. Charging parameters can also be customised to match battery requirements.

The stand-by power for this solar charge controller has been designed to be as low as 0.6W resulting in minimal impact or power drain on your system.

Optional Bluetooth module allows you to check historic data or make adjustments using an App on your phone.


System Voltage: 12/24/36/48V
Rated Charging Current: 30 Amps
Max Solar Open Circuit Voltage (V.O.C) : 60VDC
Max Power Point Voltage Range (V.M.P) : 17-42VDC
Max Solar Input Current: 100 Amps
Solar Input power: 400W/12V - 800W/24V - 1600W/48V
Operating Temperature: -35 - +45 Degrees celsius
Protection Degree: IP32
Operating Altitude: <3000m
Communication Method: TTL
Size: 233mm x 262mm x 100mm
Weight: 5.3kgs
Warranty: 5 Years

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