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Solar Mounting L-Bracket

Solar Mounting L-Bracket

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This solar mounting L-bracket is designed to work with our solar mounting rail system and is a strong effective solution for mounting solar panel rails to a corrugated roof profile. The solar mounting bracket will work with many roof profiles and can be mounted directly to timber.
On our solar panel installs, we use a minimum of 7 solar mounting L-brackets, spaced evenly along every 4.4m solar panel mounting rail.
Once the solar mounting L-brackets have been fixed to the roof, the solar mounting rail can be attached using the clamps that are supplied.

The L-Bracket is made from 6061-grade T5 aluminum is supplied with a Dacromet coated wood screw (75mm) for fixing through the roof. An E.P.D.M. washer is also supplied with every solar mounting L-bracket, and goes between the bracket and roof to prevent a reaction between the different metal types.
Recommended torque setting for M8 Bolts: 12-15Nm

Our solar panel mounting system complies with AS/NZS1170

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