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Solar Panel 200W Half Cut Mono-PERC

Solar Panel 200W Half Cut Mono-PERC

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Our 200W Half Cut Mono-PERC solar panels are suitable for off-grid installations and have been manufactured with high efficiency PERC A-grade cells.

The solar panel glass front is tempered for strength and has low-iron content to give it greater transparency for higher light transmission.
Using Mono-Crystalline PERC A-grade solar cells along with the anti-reflective properties of the solar panel glass front allows for maximum light absorption resulting in a higher yield of energy.

Lowered resistance of the Half-Cut cells increases the solar panel performance over a higher temperature range.

A corrosion-resistant anodized aluminium frame encases the solar panel to add strength and allows for easy mounting.

IP68 junction boxes, which are attached to the back of the solar panel provide a weather-tight seal. There is 300mm of cable from each of the positive and negative junction boxes on the back of the panel with MC4 solar panel connectors pre-crimped on them. The bypass diode in the junction box provides added protection to the solar panel when connected in series during shading.

Specifications for our 200W Half Cut Mono-PERC solar panels:

Maximum Power (Pmax) - 200W
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) - 20.3V
Maximum Power Current (Imp) - 9.86A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) - 24.36V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) - 10.85A

Power Tolerance - 3%
Cell Efficiency: 23.30%
Module Efficiency STC - 20.26%
Operating Temperature Range - -40C - +85C
Number of Cells: 64
Cell Type: 166mm x 83mm Mono-PERC
Cell Brand : TW Solar
Dimensions : 1380mm x 700mm x 35mm
Weight: 10kgs

Wind Load: 2400Pascal
Snow Load: 5400Pascal
Warranty: 10 Years

Compliance:IEC61215-1,IEC61215-2, IEC61730-1 and IEC61730-2 
Application Class: Class A
Fire Rating: Class C

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