Stainless Steel Cable Tie Tool 4.5-7.9mm

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This stainless steel cable tie tool is for stainless steel cable ties with a maximum thickness of 0.25mm and a width between 4.5 to 7.9mm.

The dial on the bottom of the handle has 4 different adjustable levels for how much tension will be applied.
When using this tool to pull up a stainless steel cable tie, it will automatically cut-off the cable tie when the set tension has been achieved.

Stainless steel cable ties are suitable to use for bundling cables on outdoor applications such as solar cables on a solar array. Stainless steel cable ties are strong, have excellent corrosion resistance and are not affected by UV degradation compared to plastic cable ties.

Weight: 0.55kgs
Length: 180mm
Warranty: 1 year